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Improvement of Business Process
and Continuous Improvement

The Executive Guide to Improvement and Change (Hardcover)
by G. Dennis Beecroft, Grace L. Duffy, John W. Moran

This is a quick read for busy executives, and covers a variety of techniques and quality methods, ranging from auditing to teamwork, Six Sigma to customer satisfaction, to help you select the right approach for your organization.

Business Process Improvement Workbook: Documentation, Analysis, Design, and Management of Business Process Improvement (Hardcover)
by H. James Harrington, K. C. Esseling, Van Nimwegen

This workbook with tools to help you document, analyze, design and improve a business process.

Understanding and Applying Value-Added Assessment : Eliminating Business Process Waste #H0934 (Paperback)
by William E. Trischler

This help you find and eliminate non-value-added steps in business processes.

Business Process Improvement: The Breakthrough Strategy for Total Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness (Hardcover)
by H. James Harrington

How to implement an improvement process in support and service organizations.

Business Process Change: A Manager's Guide to Improving, Redesigning, and Automating Processes (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) (Paperback)
by Paul Harmon

Managing business process change in an e-business environment.

Reducing Process Variation: Using the DOTSTAR Problem-Solving Strategy, Volumes 1 & 2 (Paperback)
by Davis R. Bothe

How to go beyond SPC to reduce process variation.

Statistical Engineering: An Algorithm for Reducing Variation in Manufacturing Processes
by Stefan H. Steiner, R. Jock Mackay

Achieving process improvement through reduction in the variation of process outputs. (Manufacturing, Assembly processes.)

Jump Start Your Process Approach (Hardcover)
by Alan J. Peterson

How to identify key processes and how to measure the cost of quality in a step-by-step approach that teaches you how to focus your critical processes on the customer.

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