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ISO 9001-2000:
A Tool to Chip Away a New Path
for your Business

ISO 9001-2000 is a standard that has been used with great success by many organizations to formalize their current management system. Whether you are a small business or multi-million corporation the standard framework will help you first stabilize and then continually improve the management processes. The ISO (International Standard Organization) continually raises the bar so that your organization has a system that stays with the times and takes advantage of new developments in management field.

Management System in any organization consists of the tasks and processes that are in your organization designed to help you accomplish your goals and objectives. The system includes the procedures, instructions, workflow, material flow, facilities, computer systems, employees, etc. and their interaction to produce a product or service. Every person, organization, company, government, even nature has a management system. Some systems are well organized, responsive to change, embrace the future. Other systems are archaic, in disaray, always late, always fighting fires. Weather you pay atention to a system or ignore it it's still there.

Management Systems are created by people therefore they represent the best and the worst of us. Does your system result in clients knocking on your door or are you consantly having to knock on customer's doors? Is your customer service receiving compliments and ideas or are they responding to same complaints over and over again? Picture yourself what would be ideal place you would like to work in, a place where creativity and new ideas are springing up every day or a place where everyone complains through their work day. How do you feel about the organization you run or work for? It's very likely that your employees feel that way also.

Management Systems are created by people therefore they can be changed by people. You do not have to accept things the way they are. But where do you start? You could try and analyze different business techniques, try them out see if they work for you and your organization. That would take a while. Another alternative is to grab a copy of the ISO-9001-2000 standard and build your system based on techniques that have been time tested across hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. The standard has organized basic concepts, business common sense in a document that you could read over luch period. There is no requirement for you to make any major investment to start getting the benefits of implementing the standard.

It does not matter where you are, how many employees you have, if you own the business or work for one; you can change the management system. You can start with the area of your business that needs are immediate or you can take the whole organization and re-invent the management system. You can implement the standard and be happy with your accomplishment, or you can take the time and resources to register your organization to the standard and let the whole world know that your management system meets the stringent requirements of ISO 9001-2000 standard. Go at your own pace but start now, the sooner you start the sooner you can benefit from the standard tools.

Danuta Highet

Foqus, Inc. August, 2004

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