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Documentation and Work Instructions

Developing effective work instructions
ISO 9000
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    Books on management, management system standards, business, quality, Baldridge, etc.

    How to select consultant and information on where to find a consultant

    Why organize your documentation and record keeping systems?

    Work instruction in a form of a flowchart on documenting a procedure or a work instruction

    How to do a gap analysis of your management system? See also Sample Gap Analysis- Implementation Master Plan

    Interesting gadget's for a business person

    Internal Audit Process- Are you getting payback on your investment. Also see Do's and Don'ts of an Audit
    Does Your Audit Process Resemble Scotland Yard?

    ISO 9000 timeline. See also Why go ISO?

    What step you need to take next to get closer to registering your management system, take the test!

    Guideline for those who have not transitioned to the new standard yet. See also What's changed?

    What is lean manufacturing and how it can be applied to all types of organizations

    What is a management system?

    See also how to decifer the meaning of requirements?

    Comparison of requirements between ISO 9001:200, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 16949:2002 and Malcolm Baldrige requirements. Also see how to select the management system standard?

    The 1994 version document matrix and Quality Manual.

    How Quality Manual for the 2000 version of the standard (In Progress) check periodically. New sections added monthly. Work on your manual along with Grizmo staff.

    Articles and LINKS TO NEWS sites

    Products of interest

    Foqus Motto: You cannot inspect quality into the product, quality is a result of the product creation

    List of major registrars in the US

    Find a Consultant

    Software and hardware for improvement

    Steps you need to take to get registered. Also you can take the ISO TEST, see what step you need to take next to get closer to registering your management system

    List of Standards. How to select the standard for yor organization?

    Shop for Grizmo products or make your own.

    Find out how long it will take you to get registerted!

    Software and hardware for improvement

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