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Work Instruction: Development and
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.Work Instruction
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Issue Date: 4/8/07
Revision Date:N/A
Title: Control of a Document Alert

1.0 Purpose

For creating a document that can instantly over-ride the MS for the purpose of temporary change until the modifications can be formally introduced into the system.

2.0 Scope and Responsibility
MS Manager is responsible for the Alert Documentation development and implementation. These documents require approval of an executive team member.

2.0 Task Description

Document Alerts are initiated usually in an emergency situation. Their purpose is to enable us to instantly implement changes to MS. For example a safety or environmental issue, customer need, etc. Alert Documents over-ride the current documents. Employees are informed and trained in the implementation of an Alert Document. The procedure is clearly marked in the top Header with the following information:

DOCUMENT ALERT Number: _______
Issue Date: ______(Date)
To be implemented by _____(Date).

Supersedes: ___________

Process Owner:
Authorized By:

2.2 Once an Alert document is issued it must be incorporated into the MS expeditiously. To be fully integrated into the system procedure MSP-4-2-3.1 Development and Change Control of the Management System Documentation is followed. Once the alert is implemented MS Manager removes it to obsolete documents and notifies employees.

2.3 MS Manager tracks all the Alert Documents and their status in the MSP-DB-001 Document Matrix.

3.0 Records

MSP-DB-001 Document Matrix

4.0 References

MSP-4-2-3.1 Development and Change Control of the Management System Documentation

5.0 Authorization

Process Owner:
Authorized By:

Controlled Document. Refer to electronic copy. Printed copy is valid 4/8/7 unless revision verified by user.

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