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Documentation and Work Instructions

Developing effective work instructions
ISO 9000
Instructions that work
Organizing documents

Sample tax form
Form for tracking payroll
Process steps instructions
Trial documentation
Document alerts
Books on process documentation
More books on documentation

Number of Employees
1 to 10
10 to 50
50 to 100
100 to 300
300 to 500
500 to 1000
1000 to 3000
more than 3000

Number of Departments
less than 3
3 to 5
5 to 10
more than 10

% of documented system and records accessible electronically to all employees
80 to 90%
60 to 80%
40 to 60%
less than 40%

Education Level of Employees: More than 70% have
4 year college degree
2 year college degree
highschool diploma
less than 12 grades
more than 70% have, or act as if they have, a proffessional degree

% of processes fully defined, documented, and implemented
80% of major processes
50% of major processes
less than 50%
We do not know what a process is or how many we have.

Degree of management involvement and support
Top level management initiated the process and supports and monitors implementation.
Top level management approved the process and receives reports on progress.
Top level management initiated the project but does not want to be bothered unless issues occur.
Top management is sold on the project and they like the idea. The only time they want to be involved is during

the selection of the frame for the certificate.
Top management is forced to get certified by customer pressure and asks you to purchase the certificate.
Management is supportive of the idea as long as you do it on your own time and do not interfere with anyone

elses time.

Availabliity of additional resources
Unlimited (P.S. call us ASAP we'll schedule you in! -just kidding)
Additional resources available.
Some additional budget for training and consulting is available.
No additional budget is available, other than actual registration cost. (P.S. call all the other consultants on our

site... not kidding)
When you inquired about additional $ you received a 2 hour lecture on "tough times."

Process complexity
Very simple and streamlined.
Somewhat complex.
Very complex.
Extremely complex.
Extremely complex and the only individual that actually understood it just quit.

Is your organization currently certified by an accredited registrar?
ISO 9002-1994
ISO 9001-1994
QS 9000
ISO 14001
Certified to any of the above with an uncredited registrar whose motto is "name your price."
Not certified at this point.

Approximate time needed to be Registered

How long will it take you to get Registered to

Select each description that best defines your organization.

Grizmo will give you an estimation of the time that it will take to get your organization to register!

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