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Sample Work Instruction -
Form for Tracking Payroll

A form from

This form provides a great example how a lot of data can be captured and gives an ability to easily review information. Capturing this data in a database, a spreadsheet or payroll software would be more effective for analysis and automation of payroll. There are situations though, that will not make it feasible for you to give your employees or subcontractors, direct access to enter the data into the system. In this type of situation a form can prove to be quite effective. Keeping it simple and well organized will make it easy for anyone to fill out.

Do you need a work instuction to tell you how to fill this form out?

I would not create one initially. I would implement it and see if there are errors in how it's filled out. If one or two individuals are having a problem I would spend a little more time training them in filling it out. If there are a lot of quations or confusion, I would first create a sample filled-out form and see if that helps. If not, I would look at where on the form there are issues and maybe redesigned it. If all fails I would provide a written work instruction. Not this form has an identity issue, give it a tracking number and date of issue/revision and control information to make it part of your system.

See also: How to write a work instruction? and samples of work instructions.

Danuta Highet

Foqus, Inc. June 2007

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