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Sample Work Instruction -
Process Steps Instruction

Here is an example of how you can write work instructions for a process. Lets say you are mixing three raw materials to produce a new product. You could just train the person on the job by showing them the equipment and how you would do it. You would describe it like this:

There are three tanks in the field. At the bottom of each tank there is a pipeline that is connected to the mixing tank. First you go to the tank that is on your left. You watch the tank level and fill it until it reaches 25 percent. Then close the valve. Then go to the tank that is in the middle and open the valve from that pipeline until the level in the mixing tank reaches 50 percent. Then close the valve. Finally go to the third valve that is connected to the tank on your right. Open the valve and watch the level in the Mixing Tank. When it reaches 75 percent close the valve. Turn on the mixer in the Mixing tank for 1 hour. Turn the mixer off. Take a sample and test it. Does it meet the specifications? If it does put a drum under the drain valve of the mixing tank and fill it up. Close the drum and label it. Move it to good product area. Keep filling the drums untill the tank is empty. Wash the Mixing tank and start over with the next batch. If it does not meet the specifications look at the guideline table and add the ingredient that is needed from the tank using the bucket. Mix again for 30 minutes. Test again. If it meets specifications follow instructions above. If it doesn't keep adjusting. Do not fill the Mixing tank more than 85 percent.

See also: How to write a work instruction? and samples of work instructions.

Danuta Highet

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