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Quality Management and Total Quality Management

Enabling Excellence: The Seven Elements Essential to Achieving Competitive Advantage (Paperback)
by Timothy A. Pine

An important and sound foundation for a quality excellence philosophy and strategic plan.

The Quality Technician's Handbook (5th Edition) (Hardcover)
by Gary K. Griffith

It covers the basic skills that contribute to ongoing quality at the technician level. For Quality Engineers, Quality Technicians and Inspectors.

Quality into the 21st Century: Perspectives on Quality and Competitiveness for Sustained Performance (Hardcover)
by Tito Conti (Editor), Gregory H. Watson (Editor), Yoshio Kondo (Editor)

How to make a shift in focus from the management of quality to the quality of management.

Strategic Navigation: A Systems Approach to Business Strategy (Hardcover)
by H. William Dettmer

How proven strategies used by great military leaders can be easily and effectively used in the business world.

Architect of Quality : The Autobiography of Dr. Joseph M. Juran (Hardcover)
by J.M. Juran

Tthe father of quality management, Juran recounts the significant events of his life.

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